“Master Select”

(Semi-Acrylic) Acrylic Exterior Emulsion

Combines long-lasting freshness and superior durability for your exterior walls. Its acrylic formulation has excellent adhesion properties, fights blackening due to fungal and algae growth and is specially geared to combat the rigors of dry and moderately humid climates. Easy to apply, Master No, 1 can be used on a wide variety of exterior surfaces; its colour-fast shades stay bright and keep your home beautiful for years to come.


Surfaces to be Painted:

Cement, sand surfaces, brickwork, rough cast concrete blocks, fiber boards and cement paint coated surfaces.

Surface Preparation:

Newly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure for atleast 3 months prior to painting. Surfaces must be free of loose materials, dust and grease. Previous growth of fungus, algae and moss must be removed. Surfaces previously painted with oil/enamel paint should be cleaned by sanding. Surfaces previously coated with cement paint should be wire-brushed, washed thoroughly with water and allowed to dry. Chalking free surfaces must be ensured before painting.


Application of putty is not recommended. Cracks should be filled with a cement and sand mixture in the ratio 1:3.


On highly absorbent or chalky surfaces, apply a coat of Master No. 1 Exterior Primer thinned with water (1:2 by volume) as a priming coat to reduce surface porosity.

Method of Application:

Brush or roller.


2 coats of Master Semi Acrylic Emulsion thinned as follows: add 450-550ml of water to 1 liter of Master Semi-Acrylic Emulsion. Horizontal surfaces like sun shades, ledges, etc. require 3 finishing coats for best results. Allow to dry for a minimum 4 to 6 hours between coats.



Smooth matt.

Covering Capacity:

10 to 11sq.metres per liter per coat depending on the surface and shade.


1, 4, 10 & 20 liters.