"Master Plus"

Exterior Primer

Exterior Primer is specially formulated with extra binding for any types of weather conditions.  It also has anti-fungal property & it also help in increases covering of top coat. It gives good sheen to the top coat. It can be used on new and old constructed walls. It can be also used for texture coatings.


Surfaces to be painted:  

Cement plaster, asbestos sheets and textured coatings.

Method of Application:

Brush / Spray.

Method of Application:

1 to 2 coats as required after appropriate surface preparation, keeping an over-coating interval of 12 hours between coats. The surface should be dry before top coats are applied. It should be thinned by soft water by 1:0.5 ratios. 




Drying Time:

Surface Dry: 2 to 4 hours. Hard Dry: 12 hours

Covering Capacity:

9 to 10 sq. meters per liter per coat depending on the surface and shade and application method.


1, 4, 10 & 20 Liters.