Luxury Emulsion

Premium Exterior Coating: Master Maxima advanced anti algal weather proof emulsion is water based Modified acrylic anti algal high performance exterior wall finish.

Master Maxima incorporates the latest state of the art technology to provide long - lasting exterior performance ever in the most exterior tropical conditions of India, its unique advanced anti algal chemistry ensures that exterior walls are provided with powder – packed resistance against algae and fungi growth. It has very good dirt pick up resistance and dirt cleaning properties.

Application Data

Surfaces to Painted:

Cement, sand surface, brick work, rough cast concrete blocks, fiber boards and cement paint coated surfaces. Freshly plastered surface must be allowed to cure completely.


Not recommended over lime wash.

Surface Preparation:

The Surface should be sound, Clean, free of loose Particles, dust grease, Chalk, fungus and mould. Remove fungus growth with fungicide bleaching powder solution (2-5%) clean the surface by wire- brushing and wash with water.


On highly absorbent or chalky surfaces, apply a coat of master no.1 exterior primer thinned with water (1:2 by volume) as a priming coat to reduce surface porosity.

Method of Application:  

Brush or Roller.


Apply 1 coat of master no.1 Exterior primer then apply 2 coats of Master Maxima dry for a minimum of 4 hours between coats.

Product Data


Smooth, Matt & Sheen.

Covering Capacity:  

12 to 15 sq meters per liter per coat depending on the surface & application Method.


1,4,10 & 20 liters.