“Master Amaze”

(100% Acrylic) Premium Anti-fungal Exterior Emulsion

Combines exceptional elegance with durability to keep exterior looking ever new. A water-based high-build 100% acrylic emulsion. Master Amaze (100% Acrylic) has unmatched anti-fungal, anti-flaking and anti-fading properties. Hair- line cracks are easily bridged because of its superior adhesion and plasticity. Broad spectrum biocides and fungicides curb the growth of fungi and algae. Besides, its unique ‘one-way barrier’- a special osmotic quality of the paint film- allows to ‘breathe out’ moisture without absorbing any-thus protecting the brickwork and concrete.



Surfaces to be painted:

Cement, sand surfaces, brickwork, rough cast concrete blocks, fiber boards and cement paint coated surfaces.


Not recommended over lime wash.

Surface Preparation:

The Surface should be sound, clean, and free of loose particles, dust grease, chalk, fungus and mould. Remove fungus growth with fungicide bleaching powder solution (2-5%). Clean the surface by wire-brushing and wash with water.


On highly absorbent or chalky surfaces, apply a coat of Master No. 1 Exterior Primer thinned with water (1:2 by volume) as a priming coat to reduce surface porosity.

Method of Application:

Brush or roller.


Apply 2 coats of Master No. 1 Primer thinned with 400 to 500ml. water per liter of paint.

Dry for a minimum of 4 hours between coats.




Smooth matt.

Covering Capacity:

11 to 12sq. meters per liter per coat depending on the surface and shade.

Packs: 1, 4, 10 & 20 liters.